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As did the way he looked her up and down.

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Hell, Aristos, both your daughters could fetch me a great price if I were to offer them to my clientele. But now that I know I am on the right track, she is far too valuable to let go. I can only imagine how powerful she will become with more treatments. For her it meant needles, being lashed to a hospital bed, and pumped full of chemicals that made it feel as if someone were flaying her skin from her body.

She could make us both a lot of money for one night and then return here to your compound to continue her—how did you put it? Her father was standing there smoking a cigar with a man who effectively wanted to pimp her out to other men, and that was something she most definitely did not want any part of. Careful not to make too much noise or call too much attention to herself, she started to scuttle backward toward the door. What was she doing?

Effectively there was nowhere to go, if in fact she could manage to actually get out of the room. You would also press my hand and make me take your disobedience and ungrateful behavior out on your sister. Is that what you want? That was the last thing she wanted. Praying for the strength to stand there and listen to her father and Rico plan the moment she would lose her virginity. Praying that her sister would not suffer the same fate, and that Xanthe would be able to spare her from this.

Praying that her father would be suddenly struck with paternal instincts that would tell him that this was wrong. Then she heard her father speak, and knew that her prayers had gone unanswered yet again. You may take her now before I start her next treatment, and she will be returned to me in thirty-six hours. She made it as far as reaching for the door handle before a hand in her hair brought her to a swift and painful stop. Whimpering, she lifted her hands to grip the wrist of whoever it was who had a hold of her, pain slicing across her scalp.

Sobbing, she tried to claw the hand to get it to release her.

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But when all the action brought was a swift hard yank that had her crying out, she stopped and simply tried to pull the hand closer to her head to lessen the pain. I might just keep you to myself for the next thirty-six hours. What do you think of that, huh, little Xanthe? I will fuck you so many times that you will present yourself to me like a good little whore with just a look. She had never heard her sister in her mind.

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Before she could answer her, or at least attempt to, she heard gunshots outside the room. Xanthe froze at the sound, just as Rico released her, pushing her to the ground.

She peered around the chair, watching to see what was happening. My men would only ever fire in defense of themselves or of me. She stayed where she was as the gunfire outside the room got closer. Rico roared as he tackled her father to the ground and she almost cheered him on before she remembered who he was and what plans he had for her. Just then the door seemed to implode with a crash, showering the room with splinters of wood. Three men dressed in military garb whom she did not recognize stormed into the room. They spoke in a language she was unfamiliar with. Rico leapt to his feet to respond in the same language.

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From the way he seemed to hold his hands out imploringly, he was trying to reason with them. All three laughed before shooting him repeatedly. Xanthe pressed her hand over her mouth hard, trying desperately not to make a sound. He grinned back at the other two and said something that had them all cheering.

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Then all three of them turned to leave, but not before spitting on the man they had just killed. After that, there were a few more bursts of gunfire and shouting, then an explosion that shook the building.

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Xanthe scrambled up from behind the chair and was running toward the door when she heard a pained moan. Frowning, she looked back and saw her father moving on the floor where he lay on his side. She gasped when she saw the blood that had turned his crisp white shirt red and was currently pooling in front of him. The bodies of the two guards who had been stationed outside his office were both lying in the corridor and neither of them moved. And in that moment, Xanthe made a decision. This was her chance, her one opportunity to get her and her sister the hell out of this compound. She started to sob as she neared the door and she could hardly reconcile the sounds she was making as human, let alone as hers.

But through the guidance Regan Keller fell in love with a wealthy and powerful man once. He was her boss.

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When that turbulent relationship ended, she swore she'd never again date someone she worked with. That was before she literally fell into her new After years struggling to cope with a childless marriage and the loneliness of being left behind while her seafaring husband Max is away, Sarah finally decides to go with him on his next voyage.

But she is not prepared for Liz Hargreaves has been a hostage for eight years when she is rescued by Spencer Ferguson, a newly appointed British consul. But David had been told that Liz Bad boy FBI agent and feisty widowed police detective collide pursuing a human trafficker in small town Texas on their way to true love.

So when the unthinkable Intimate Knowledge While camping Jennifer unwittingly stumbles upon a corrupt conspiracy. Only Saul - her best friend since childhood-can help her unravel the complex plot and keep her safe. When Jennifer Mabbot goes camping in All That Remains Sandra has come to Latham's Landing seeking to discover what really happened to her relative who disappeared there years before, persuading her reluctant friend Tina that a little paranormal investigation will be Nick Spinelli's normal life as a homicide detective has been catapulted into a whirlwind of chaotic holiday adventures ever since he met the beautiful Shannon O'Hara.

Nick had hoped to spend his first Valentine's Day with Shannon This is the literary award winning story of Georgie. She is a young black girl growing up in the s and 30s in a small, rural town in Virginia. Life is hard and she dreams of better life. She experiences great loss, losing Arthur Tudor, a vampire for nearly four-hundred years, finds himself bored with life and love, yet again. His tolerance for his newly-turned girlfriend Avalon wanes, and he's on the prowl for fresh blood to drink and succulent A fated conversation with his daughter finally prompts Michael to do something drastic about not only his work life, but his growing and unbearable sexual attraction to Lance and Adam.

Or perhaps, maybe even both of them? Soon, Michael lays everything on the table, offering Lance and Adam an unconventional proposition, and the three men quickly find themselves in a situation that leads to unexpected consequences for everyone involved. Will Michael, Lance, and Adam make the right decision for their individual families, or will any or all of them crash and burn at the end of their experiment in relationships? Twelve Gifts Casper Graham.

He desperately wishes that he could choose them both, but the producers of the show may not like that idea—at all. Will he select the right man at the end of the show? Or will he make the wrong choice and lose them both? Stay tuned! Note: This book contains double penetration. More Details Original Title.

Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)
Be With Us (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

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