Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps

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2. Expand the Default Storage

Bibliophiles connect here to review, rant or rave about books from every genre of fiction and non-fiction.

Top 5 Kindle Fire HD Productivity Apps

In addition to being a vibrant discussion hub for bestsellers, classic works and everything else in between, Goodreads also includes a book discovery feature that allows readers to discover works that might appeal to them based on their own ratings, reviews and favorite books. A standout password manager on desktop, LastPass also features excellent mobile support.

The LastPass app is a password vault, strong password generator and browser all rolled into a single mobile app. Users can sync their password vaults, and then have LastPass automatically fill in forms and login details when surfing the Web and accessing sites.

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  • 1. Dropbox;

The service lets you use a master password, or TouchID to access your vault and login. Users can also generate new passwords, as well as add or update their list of Form Fills, Sites and Secure Notes. LastPass recently made cross-platform syncing free to all users, so you can now sync your password vaults between your Amazon device and other machines such as your Mac or PC.

WPS Office is the latest incarnation of Kingsoft's mobile office apps, providing users with the ability to open, read and edit a wide variety of office file documents, from slideshows, documents, spreadsheets and PDF files. Extra tools include collaboration features for change tracking, file sharing and the ability to save and open files from a variety of cloud services.

Piriform's CCleaner is one of the best PC maintenance tools for Windows machines, and now, it's also gone mobile with an Android app that's the perfect tool to help you clean the crap out of your Amazon tablet's system. Like its desktop sibling, CCleaner for Android is a multipurpose cleaning tool that can clean out your application cache, download folders, browser history and other temporary files. In addition to its fast, ad-free cleaning experience, CCleaner also comes with an app manager, CPU, RAM and storage meters, as well as battery and temperature tools.

Autodesk Sketchbook is a mobile art app that comes with a variety of drawing tools and brushes, all of which you can customize on the fly, pinch to zoom, a gallery organizer and support for saving and storing your works to Dropbox. In addition, users can create a free Sketchbook account to gain access to more features such as layer and symmetry tools. A premium subscription unlocks more pro tools such as an expanded brush library, and more powerful layer and selection tools, all of which carry over between iOS and Android if you happen to have more than one device.

If you're looking for a versatile, all-in-one media player that'll play just about any file format that you can throw at it, then give VLC a spin. A mobile build for the popular desktop media player, VLC is designed to play just about any file format out of the box, from ubiquitous. In addition to playing local files, VLC for Fire also supports network streaming and media library organization. Spotify has become synonymous with online streaming music, thanks to its familiar interface, Facebook integration and massive song library of more than 20 million tracks.

Mobile and tablet users can choose to listen to music from any of the artists, albums and playlists in Spotify's massive library, and premium users can enjoy an ad-free experience and the ability to download music for offline listening. On the display end, Foxit handles normal and password protected PDFs, with support for document and user bookmarks.

Annotation options let you highlight, underline or strike through text. You also can add sticky notes text boxes, or even draw freehand on the document.


Text reflow allows you to read comfortably even on a small smartphone screen. Cloud support lets you upload and download PDFs from popular storage providers. Password and certification protection are available as in-app purchases. The sound quality is good, though, and it will play in the background while you do other things. There's so much more to read than just books. These news readers will help you keep up with the latest events when you're not engrossed in your current novel.

JustReader ad-supported, free downloads articles from your Google feed and makes them available for reading offline. The app performs well on the Fire HD; images and text are sharp and clear and swiping between articles is smooth.

Another visually pleasing way to enjoy updates to your favorite websites on the Kindle Fire HD screen is the Pulse free news reader. Of the news apps I tested, this one looked the best on the high-resolution display, with clear text and sharp graphics. The Kindle Fire HD is about more than just fun and games.

You can get some work done too. These productivity apps look good while helping you get stuff done. What would an app roundup be without Evernote free?

Option Two: Install the Play Store from a Windows PC

It's always a favorite for its ability to organize pretty much any information you throw at it. The app looks great on the HD screen, with text, images, and UI elements all rendering clearly and crisply. It's good to know what's going on in your life and when. The Kindle Fire HD comes with a calendar app that will sync with Google calendars, but it will only sync with your main calendar. If you have secondary calendars, or subscribe to other calendars, you'll need another app.

It will display all of your calendars in color coordinating, offline available, goodness. Calculator Plus Free looks beautiful, and it does just what a calculator needs to do. The ads that make it free are small and unobtrusive at the top. While the Kindle Fire HD's main job is to preset you with information and entertainment, there are also several great apps to chat with friends in between chapters.

The caller on the other end said the video quality was better than usual although on my end, the video was more pixelated. Audio was great. The interface looks clean and crisp on the HD screen. If text chatting is your thing, the imo messanger free will connect to just about any chat protocol you could want. The graphics look great, and text is clear.

Back to things you can read, here are some top apps to keep around for reference.

Amazon Fire HD 8 review: cutting the right corners for a decent £90 tablet

You never know when you might need to know just who invented the doorbell and when. The Free Dictionary by Farlex ad-supported, free is every dictionary you could ever need and some you never knew you wanted. It combines standard, medical, financial, and legal dictionaries with a thesaurus and an encyclopedia. It will even translate and search other languages.

The home screen for this app is full of all kinds of daily factoids including a word of the day, the weather report, and a game of hangman. The pictures are not as clear as they could be on the HD screen, but the text is crisp and easy to read. The ultimate Internet source for mostly well-referenced facts is available for your Kindle through its official app free.

Text is beautiful, and most images are clear depending on the source image. The only thing I miss is the random page button, which this app doesn't seem to have. Read More and gain the benefit of some free streaming movies and shows. If so, and you use other movie streaming services like Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu, it might be worth using the Movies Anywhere app.

How to Install the Google Play Store on the Amazon Fire Tablet or Fire HD 8

In this article, we take a look at Disney's new digital locker. Read More from those three providers. It also offers a library of free movies. Head to the MoviesAnywhere website to find out more and sign up. With the right case, or a useful stand, you can make your Amazon Fire tablet stand up. Even if you prefer a DIY stand , various useful alternatives can be found online. Such stands might also have built-in charging connectors, or they may simply be basic stands for reading your tablet at a table, or perhaps in the kitchen.

In addition, many tablet cases are available for the Amazon Fire. This example features a pivot so the Fire can be propped up in landscape and portrait modes. Depending on which model you own, however, the results may not be satisfactory. Low-end 8GB models tend not to respond well to screen recorder apps, resulting in poor-quality recordings. For the best results, try the RecMe Screen Recorder.

To capture a screenshot, hold the Power button and Volume Down at the same time.

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Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps
Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps
Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps
Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps
Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps Kindle Fire HD Apps: The 50 Top Kindle Fire HD Apps

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