Television Ads in US Presidential Campaigns Have a History of Exploiting Fear

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Six hundred and sixty thousand votes were cast in those three states for third-party candidates. Winning those three states would have got us to two hundred and seventy-eight electoral votes. Philip Howard, the director of the Oxford Internet Institute, in England, agrees that the Russian interference could have been decisive, but he is less convinced that the stolen analytics were key. Recently, Brendan Nyhan, a professor of public policy at the University of Michigan, suggested , in the Times, that most fears about the impact of Russian information warfare in the campaign are exaggerated.

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Moreover, he argued, though the number of Russian-sponsored messages during the campaign might sound alarmingly large, the universe of information that most voters are exposed to is so vast that the impact of fake news, and other malicious online misinformation, is diluted. But these represented only 1 percent of all election-related tweets and 0.

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Every piece of messaging has some effect. The Facebook page for a fake group, Blacktivist, which stoked racial tensions by posting militant slogans and stomach-churning videos of police violence against African-Americans, garnered more hits than the Facebook page for Black Lives Matter.

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An expert told the committee that automated accounts typically push extremist views twenty-five to thirty times more often than authentic American social-media users do. The extremes are screaming while the majority whispers.

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  • Facebook initially claimed that Russian disinformation posted during the campaign had likely reached only ten million Facebook users; it subsequently amended the figure to a hundred and twenty-six million. Twitter recently acknowledged that it, too, was deeply infiltrated, hosting more than fifty thousand impostor accounts. So does Albright, of the Tow Center. But to translate that into voting patterns is very difficult. It also pinpoints another, less well-known, instance of Russian sabotage, and Jamieson argues that this dirty trick, in combination with the actions of trolls and hackers, may have changed the course of the campaign.

    Ordinarily, when the F.

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    In public, he mysteriously declined to be more specific about this intelligence, but claimed that it had compounded concerns already stirred by an impromptu private visit between Lynch and Bill Clinton, on June 27th, at an Arizona airport. Six months after the election, the Washington Post broke a story that solved the mystery. At some point in , the F. But Comey based major decisions in the Justice Department on Russian disinformation because of the optics of it! The Russians targeted the F. In the fake Russian intelligence, one of the Clinton-campaign officials accused of conspiring with Lynch was Amanda Renteria.

    She was shocked to learn of the allegations, and told me that, although she is friendly with a woman named Loretta Lynch—a political figure in California—she does not know the Loretta Lynch who was the Attorney General. Comey declined to comment for this article, citing the classified nature of the intelligence in question. Seven days later, he made a third announcement, clearing her again. Polls suggest the likely impact. According to the Web site FiveThirtyEight , at midnight on October 28, , the day Comey announced that he was reopening the investigation, Clinton was ahead of Trump by 5.

    A week later, her lead had shrunk to 2. And, worst of all, these undesirables were Irish. Fragment of the Irish Famine Memorial in Boston. Fleeing a shipwreck of an island, nearly 2 million refugees from Ireland crossed the Atlantic to the United States in the dismal wake of the Great Hunger.

    Television Ads in US Presidential Campaigns Have a History of Exploiting Fear

    While the potato blight struck across Europe, no corner of the continent was as dependent on tubers for survival as Ireland, which was mired in extreme poverty as a result of centuries of British rule. Packed with nutrition and easy to grow, potatoes were the only practical crop that could flourish on the minuscule plots doled out by wealthy British Protestant landowners.

    The Irish consumed 7 million tons of potatoes each year. They ate potatoes for dinner. They ate them for lunch. They even ate them for breakfast. Get the facts on the Emerald Isle. Barefoot mothers with clothes dripping from their bodies clutched dead infants in their arms as they begged for food. Wild dogs searching for food fed on human corpses. Typhus, dysentery, tuberculosis and cholera tore through the countryside as horses maintained a constant march carting spent bodies to mass graves.

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    • More than just the pestilence was responsible for the Great Hunger. A political system ruled by London and an economic system dominated by British absentee landlords were co-conspirators. Now, with a famine raging, the Irish were denied food. Under armed guard, food convoys continued to export wheat, oats and barley to England while Ireland starved. British lawmakers were such adherents to laissez-faire capitalism that they were reluctant to provide government aid, lest it interfere with the natural course of free markets to solve the humanitarian crisis.

      Charles E. While approximately 1 million perished, another 2 million abandoned the land that had abandoned them in the largest-single population movement of the 19th century. Most of the exiles—nearly a quarter of the Irish nation—washed up on the shores of the United States. They knew little about America except one thing: It had to be better than the hell that was searing Ireland.

      A flotilla of 5, boats transported the pitiable castaways from the wasteland. Most of the refugees boarded minimally converted cargo ships—some had been used in the past to transport slaves from Africa—and the hungry, sick passengers, many of whom spent their last pennies for transit, were treated little better than freight on a 3,mile journey that lasted at least four weeks. Herded like livestock in dark, cramped quarters, the Irish passengers lacked sufficient food and clean water.

      They choked on fetid air. They were showered by excrement and vomit. Each adult was apportioned just 18 inches of bed space—children half that. Their bodies were wrapped in cloths, weighed down with stones and tossed overboard to sleep forever on the bed of the ocean floor. Although most certainly tired and poor, the Irish did not arrive in America yearning to breathe free; they merely hungered to eat. Largely destitute, many exiles could progress no farther than within walking distance of the city docks where they disembarked.

      Political inexperience is a risk in a country like Ukraine, which continues to struggle with endemic corruption cemented by oligarchs and an ongoing war with Russia.

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      Ahead of the elections, Ukraine and Russia agreed to a prisoner swap involving people detained in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Voting for change. For many, a novice parliament offers the promise of a new start. Iran denies it lost a drone. The move came after the United States demanded that Iran release a foreign tanker that it had seized earlier in the week, which Iran said was smuggling oil. The downed drone is bound to raise concerns over military conflict in the Gulf as the remaining signatories to the nuclear deal seek to ease tensions.

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      Brexit drama. On Thursday, in a powerful act of symbolism, thousands of protesters gathered in a public square where ex-President Omar al-Bashir held a final rally. Detained Australian writer to be charged in China. Yang Hengjun, a Chinese Australian writer detained in China for the last six months, is soon expected to be formally charged with endangering national security, which carries a maximum life sentence. Yang, a naturalized Australian citizen, is a former diplomat known for his critical commentary. The case comes at a difficult moment in relations between the countries , as the Australian government pushes China to allow Uighurs to leave Xinjiang to reunite with family in Australia.

      Rand Paul and Mohammad Javad Zarif. The relationship between the two parties is deteriorating amid several disagreements—the latest over the new EU Commission president. Matteo Salvini, head of the League, faces pressure from his party to back out. The Hong Kong police force. But as protests continue, skirmishes between police and activists are fueling a leadership crisis within the 30,strong force. The riot-control tactics are a British colonial legacy dating back to protests in Hong Kong in the s, Jack Hazlewood writes for FP.

      Television Ads in US Presidential Campaigns Have a History of Exploiting Fear
      Television Ads in US Presidential Campaigns Have a History of Exploiting Fear
      Television Ads in US Presidential Campaigns Have a History of Exploiting Fear
      Television Ads in US Presidential Campaigns Have a History of Exploiting Fear
      Television Ads in US Presidential Campaigns Have a History of Exploiting Fear

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