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A gripping, thought provoking novel . . . Zebra Forest


Look Inside. In an extraordinary debut novel, an escaped fugitive upends everything two siblings think they know about their family, their past, and themselves. When eleven-year-old Annie first started lying to her social worker, she had been taught by an expert: Gran. That was when Gran was feeling talkative, and not brooding for days in her room — like she did after telling Annie and her little brother, Rew, the one thing they know about their father: that he was killed in a fight with an angry man who was sent away.

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Annie tells stories, too, as she and Rew laze under the birches and oaks of Zebra Forest — stories about their father the pirate, or pilot, or secret agent. But then something shocking happens to unravel all their stories: a rattling at the back door, an escapee from the prison holding them hostage in their own home, four lives that will never be the same.

Gewirtz veers away from melodrama, deftly capturing nuances of family dynamics in spare prose. This slight, tense debut novel will interest children looking for suspense or family drama.


Image Pack Each cell in your storyboard will be exported as a standalone image in a zip file. Storyboard Description. Storyboard Text. Rising action: Rew gave Annie a letter to put in the mail for the police when she goes to the store for supplies.

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Falling action: Rew had come back the next morning and Andrewhad come back just a couple minutes later holding gran in his arms she was bleedingand had a gash on her head she had styed on the couch and Andrew took care ofher. Annieand Rew had returned to school after summers end. Hi Hello Annie. Create a Storyboard. Explore Our Articles and Examples.

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Zebra Forest is an emotionally compelling story with complicated family dynamics and interesting well-developed characters. Saunders, Kate.

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Zebra Forest Zebra Forest
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Zebra Forest Zebra Forest
Zebra Forest Zebra Forest
Zebra Forest Zebra Forest
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Zebra Forest

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